Astroweave Solar Window Shades


Astroweave Solar Window Shades

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Astroweave Solar Window Shades


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There are different kinds of window shades. Let me try and give you a detailed description for some of it.

There is the kind that is motorized and can be operated with a remote control. Motorized roller shades with remote control can be in the form of astroweave solar shades. This is the shade that is widely used because of its property of being anti sun. People love the sun, especially those who goal to have a tan. But when in the solitude of their house or room, sometimes the rays and harmful effects of it is not welcomed. The fabric used in the astroweave solar shades are said to last long, to be efficient in energy, retardant to flame and easy to maintain. There are 5 different densities offered for the custom shades of this product. This is to give customers choices with consideration to the glare, privacy or heat that they require or that they can tolerate in their house or room. The general rule is that the more dense the fabric, the higher its efficiency and the lower its visibility.

The 5 different densities are sunset solar sunscreen, astroweave, astroweave 2000 / 2100, astroweave 4000 series, astroweave 4800.


The first one, the sunset solar sunscreen, has the lightest weave with an openness factor averaging at thirty per cent and blocking out heat and glare of up to 70%. This is a great option, but not for those who live in the south or west because the material of this is very light and that the intensity of the heat is too strong for it.

The second is the astroweave. This is considered the middle density because unlike the first that blocks seventy per cent of heat and glare, this one blocks out up to eighty per cent of heat and glare and has an average of openness factor up to fourteen per cent. This kind of density is not often used in residential units but in offices. This is usually for commercial purposes where maintaining the view from inside out is necessary. It is not like astroweave 2000 because it still allows a person to see outside clearly.

The 3rd kind is the astroweave 2000 / 2100 which is the basket weaves that is specially designed for those who need to have a more non-directional and opaque fabric. Let me differentiate the two.

Astroweave 2000 has a higher density and is more efficient in energy than the Astroweave 2100. The former blocks out up to ninety-five per cent of ultra violet rays while the latter blosk out up to ninety per cent. In terms of openness, Astroweave 2000 has an average openness factor of five per cent while Astroweave 2100 has ten per cent.

Astroweave 4100 is the fourth kind. This kind is the most open in terms of providing outward visibility. It also blocks out around ninety per cent of UV rays. Its openness factor is around ten per cent.

The last one is the astroweave 4800 which has the densest weave in the line. Its block out factor averages to ninety per cent and its average openness factor is one per cent only.

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