Your Audiology Fort Myers Specialist Can Help Improve Your Hearing

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Your Audiology Fort Myers Specialist Can Help Improve Your Hearing


The audiology Fort Myers specialists are there to help people that are having hearing loss. The most often heard complaint is that people sound like they are mumbling. On occasion people will tell them that the people in their home complain that they are constantly turning the radio or TV louder and louder.

When they finally decide to make an appointment with their doctor to get their hearing tested, they are often referred to an audiology specialist. Audiology is the scientist that deals with hearing challenges. Aside from just noticing a loss of hearing, patients will complain of problems with their balance. This can be the result of having a hearing problem with only one ear, or it could be the result of having an inner ear infection.

Audiology Fort Myers doctors use a variety of testing techniques, such as standard hearing tests, videonystagmography, atoacoustic emissions measurements and eletrophysilogic tests that helps to determine if someone is hearing within the normal range of human hearing. If they aren’t, these tests will determine if the portion of hearing affected is in the low, middle or high frequencies and just how much of a problem they actually have.

Once it is determined that a vestibule abnormality or hearing loss is present, the Audiology specialist will sit down and explain what options the patient has available. These options could include cochlear implants, surgery or hearing aids. It may also be necessary to make a referral to another kind of doctor.

When the use of hearing aids is indicated, the patient will need to be fitted to ensure that they get just the right kind and size. In the past, patients only had the option of having big and very obvious hearing aids. With the improvements in technology, hearing aids of today are much smaller, even with the tiny batteries that are included. So small are many of the hearing aids of today that very often people can’t even tell that someone is wearing them. In spite of their smaller size, hearing aids of today can cover a much wider range of atoacoustic emissions, which means more people can get the help they need to start hearing much better.

If you find yourself saying”Huh” a lot or turning the sound up on audio equipment, you should make an appointment with your local Audiology Fort Myers doctor as quick as you can.